Main Event Block Draw

Block A Block B Block C Block D Block E Block F Block G Block H
Player 1 Reg Bamford Robert Fulford Robert Fletcher David Maugham Paddy Chapman Greg Bryant Stephen Mulliner James Death
Player 2 Peter Landrebe Mark Avery Jenny Clarke Stephen Forster Samir Patel Qualifier Aaron Westerby Rutger Beijderwellen
Player 3 Paul Skinley Harley Watts Jeff Dawson James Hopgood Keith Aiton Ian Dumergue Marcus Evans Stephen Richards
Player 4 Ken Bald Phillip Drew Greg Fletcher David Openshaw Jim Nicholls Ian Lines Kevin Beard Chris Williams
Player 5 Gabrielle Higgins Miranda Morgan Qualifier Bruce Fleming Hamish McIntosh Simon Hockey Chris Shilling Alan Sands
Player 6 Martin Clarke Michael Wright Malcolm Fletcher Qualifier Trevor Bassett Dennis Bulloch Dwayne McCormick David Wickham
Player 7 Anthony Ritchie Stuart Lawrence Qualifier Mike Crashley Tim O'Leary Mark Prater Qualifier Harps Tahurangi
Player 8 Leo Nikora David Wise Nelson Morrow Ken Edwards Chris Percival-Smith RichardM Smith Steve Jones Alan Walsh
Player 9 Martin Stephenson Charlotte Morgan Richard Griffiths Qualifier Greg Rowberry Alan Honey Qualifier Andrew Hope
Player 10 Tricia Devlin Masaaki Yamada Jim Field Jim Houser Martyn Selman Peter Bach Tommy Harrington Mike Hughes

Once known, Qualifiers will be added to the blocks in descending order of ranking.

The nationalities of the likely qualifiers used to construct the draw were CAN, AUS, AUS, NZ.

The order of players in the blocks has been adjusted to avoid same country clashes in the final round.